Bear Motion (TM) Self-Powered Hand Crank Dynamo AM/FM Radio with LED Flashlight, Alarm Flashing Light and Emergency Hand Cranked Mobile Phone Charging Function

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Cell phone charging function is for emergency usage only. It is only practical to charge the phone for an emergency call. To charge cell phone with the self cranking function, you need to keep cranking it to provide enough energy. For smart phones, you need to start cranking really fast until the screen shows normal charging, and then slow down to normal cranking speed. It might not be compatible with iPhone. 
·Built-in battery: Ni-Cd 300mAh 3.6V 
·Charging time: 36M(by cranking)/8H(strong sunlight) 
·Using time: lighting(10H)/radio(4H)/siren(1.5H) 
·1M cranking gives lighting(15M)/radio(4M)/siren(120S) 
·Frequency:FM88-108MHz / AM540-1600KHZ 
·LED brightness:12000mcd 
·Output voltage:DC5.1V 
·Output current:350mA 
·Voltage:DC 3.6V 
·Rated output power:500mW 
·Input voltage:DC6V ±0.2V 
·Input current:300mA 
·Raw Material: ABS+PS