Car Emergency Flashlight Crank Dynamo, Support Window Breaker, Seat Belt , AM/FM Radio,USB Cell Phone Charger,Compass Magnet,Brightest LED Waterproof for Camping / Hunting / Fishing

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Car Escape Emergency Tool
- During the vehicle emergencies, this car escape emergency tool will help you to rescue yourself and your loved ones. A seat belt cutter to cut the jammed seat belt, a glass window breaker to break the stuck window, a outdoor compass to show the direction, a red flashlight to find the way or warn others and a USB cable to charge your smart devices. 
- Use the solid headlight to finding your way in the dark or flashing headlight to warn others, the side white lamp during blackouts, working or camping, or the side flashing red light mode during vehicle emergencies. 
* Built Battery: 800mAh 3.7V
* Speaker power: 0.5w 70db
* Input: DC5V 500mA Output: DC5V 500mA
* Net Weight: 283g
* LED Life: More than 10 thousand hours
* Size: 275mmx95mmx58mm
* Charging Time: About 2 hours by cranking , 3 hours by USB
* Using Time (Fully power): About 6 hours for lighting, 10 hours for radio,4 hours for blink
* Using Time (crank the hand about 3 MIN,at least 120cirles/Min): a)lighting(15mini) b)radio(5-10min) c)siren&blink(3mini) d)3min for phone using,standby time about 5-30min. 
*Radio : FM76-108MHZ AM522-1656KHZ/FM87-108MHZ AM522-1710KHZ
Scrub the product by using clean cotton cloth with little alcohol. 
Do not use the volatile chemical cleaning products to avoid damaging the appearance of the product. 
Do not open the shell to prevent from electric shock or damaging the product. 
Please read the manual and charge the product before using.