Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain

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Battery: 23A/12V 
Dimension: 2.7*1.7*0.9inch / 69*42*23mm 
Material: ABS Plastic 
Color: Red 
Usage: Personal 

1)Small size and light-weight. 
2) Metal pull pin. 
3)Used safety spotlight in dark area. 
4)Built-in 120db high output alarm. 
5)When you need help, you can pull out the metal pull pin. it emit an alarm sound. 
6) Widely used for little kids, young lady, elderly, disabled, night workers.Once they meet emergency. 
7) It is small and portable, able to put on bags, wallet, cell phones, suitcases.... Looks smart and fashionable. 

What Important: 
1, Pull the bolt (attached with a little plastic flower) gently and loosely, the alarm will ring. Recover it (push in the bolt) when you want it to be quiet.
2, You need a screw driver to install new battery when the button battery runs out or the voice become smaller.
3, Please pull out the bolt when in emergency situation to avoid noise.
4, The alarm sound is very loud, so please do not put by your ears.
5, Please regard it as a keychain or bag decoration in usual, for keeping it quiet to avoid noise and only use in emergency situation.